Reasons to Choose McCaul Homes


Working in a truly collaboratiive partnership,when the homebuyer talks… Jeff McCaul listens.He and his staff work tirelessly to create innovative solutions for any and all challenges  -a client’s voice is never ignored.

When McCaul custom-homeowners step through the front door, they know that their voices were heard, their ideas were embraced and their dreams became amazing realities that will be enjoyed by generations to come.


Too many times homebuyers settle for features they don’t like, want, or need just to keep the builder on time and on budget. They settle for someone else’s vision of the ideal home and abandon their own desires and dreams. With McCaul Homes, each and every custom home is a true reflection of its new owner’s unique personality and tastes.

Jeff McCaul is involved with every step of the construction process, from concept to the final finishing touches. He doesn’t delegate the details. He double-checks the checklists himself. His toolbelt is not a fashion statement, as he is a hands-on builder, working side-by-side with his expert construction team. Nothing falls through the cracks, because Jeff makes sure that there are no cracks.


Honesty and Trustworthiness:
A sentence that sticks out in my mind from one of our first conversations about buying/selling our home was from Brenda McCaul. She said that she was very “honest and had never been arrested or even had a traffic ticket”. I certainly couldn’t make that claim. I found Brenda and Jeff both to be very honest with us while our home was being
built.. Mistakes will happen and that is a fact of nature, we are all humans. But when they did, Brenda and Jeff  would let us know right away and did not try to cover them up or make them seem not important They were all small errors as far as I am concerned, but they gave us other options and then allowed us to make our decision. We were allowed to see our home in all stages of its construction. Nothing was a hidden dark secret. We met and saw all of the other trades that worked on our home. They were all very hard-working men.

Family Business:
Jeff and his brother work side by side at the job site. They take pride in the work they do and we could tell they enjoyed what they were doing and it was not just a job for them. Their mother is a delightful lady and takes pride in the homes her sons build. She can be found on weekends showing the model homes.

Some of my ideas that I wanted incorporated in my dream home, lets say were not of the sound mind! Jeff vlffh his experience in building homes would tell me that he could do it the way I wanted but he did not advise us to do it that way because of the long term effect. One time he absolutely refused because it was against his better judgment. Jeff allways had a sound reason behind his thinking and then gave us different options to obtain the same outcome but with a better way of reaching it. He then would let us decide. We relied on his experience in building homes and his good judgment.

Choice of Vendors:
The different vendors we visited to pick out the furnishings for our new home were wonderful to work with. They were very nice to work with. Great personalities, good customer service and did not try to steer us towards going over our budget. People that stick out in my mind that we had great customer service from were: Leo Kudirka, the painter; Megan the window covering expert; Traci from Imperial Tile; Julie the Interior Designer; Linda at Builders Supply; and I can’t remember her name, but the lady at Winnelson Plumbing. The vendors had respect for McCaul Homes. We heard this statement several times “the McCaul boys, they are nice to do business with and
build good homes”.

Tom and I researched many different builders in the Omaha area over 5 years before we found and chose McCaul Homes. We are extremely happy with our new home experience. From our perspective the whole experience went very smooth. We attribute this to Jeff’s: honesty/trustworthiness, experience in building homes, respect from the vendors he uses in the local community, and that it is a Family business / not just a job!
Tom & Kathie Aboud

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