What to Ask Your Builder


When considering a custom-built home, nothing is more important than selecting the right builder. As you consider various builders, we encourage you to use these questions to learn important information about each builder.


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What to Ask Your Builder

How much money will I need to invest to get the project started? Who owns the lot where my house will be built, me or you?

Most of the homes we build require a minimum $5,000 non-refundable deposit to begin. I will handle the purchase of the lot that you choose, then I build your home. You pay the balance owed when your house closes.

Do you conduct an energy audit on the homes your build? Such as an air leakage test?

McCaul Homes is proud to be an Energy Effecient builder, because we’ve always been conscious of building cost- and energy-efficient homes we conduct energy audits and air leakage tests on all the homes we build

If I change my mind on any aspect of the project once the building has begun, how are additional fees determined?

It depends on where we are in the process when you request the change. If decide to change a feature that is already complete, such as the style of the custom cabinets that have already been installed, you will incur additional fees. However, if you make the change before that portion of the project is complete, your only additional cost will be the price of additional materials and labor beyond what was initially quoted.

Can you provide a list of building materials that will show all of the products that will be used to build my new home?

We’re very selective about the types of products we use in the homes we build, and are proud to provide a list of those materials to any client who asks.

How will you determine the schedule for the building process? What happens if construction is not completed within that timeframe?

Each client has access to their home’s building schedule posted on our web site so you can follow the process. Sometimes weather can cause delays, but only make a significant impact on the schedule if the weather is extreme for several weeks.

How do you select your subcontractors? What kind of turnover do you see? Could you provide a list of the subcontractors who will be working on my home, along with their phone numbers?

Most of my team has been with me for 10 years or longer. On the rare occasion when I do have to bring in additional subcontractors, I do the interviews, personally check their references, and then visit sites where they’ve worked to check their work and their reputation.

How often do you visit my job site during the building process?

I’m on site Monday-Saturday, and on Sunday when necessary.

Who will I speak with if I have a question or problem? Will I be able to contact that person evenings and weekends?

I understand clients have many questions, so I’m available by phone anytime. If you call, you’ll reach Brenda or myself, or if you leave a message, one of us will return your call as soon as possible.

How are you personally involved in the building process of my home?

I supervise every aspect of your home’s construction, and will guide you through every step of the process, from purchasing the lot to conducting the final walk-through.

How long have you been in business under this name?

McCaul Homes has been in business tor 41 years in the Omaha area, and have remained financially stable and sustainable throughout that time.